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FreSpresso | Handheld Espresso Maker | Portable Coffee Maker

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Your Favorite Espresso -- Anywhere!

Saves Time

It’s a delicious solution to your coffee needs! FreSpresso™ is compact and easy to transport and use, allowing the busy and the dynamic espresso lover to prepare amazing shots with little time and effort.

Guaranteed Fresh

Need a pick-me-up on the go? Say no more. Owning a FreSpresso™ means you get a fresh shot of espresso each time, free of bitterness, with little effort and quality close to that of traditional machines. 

Less Waste

A cup from a pot of hours-old coffee does not inspire confidence—the FreSpresso™ ensures freshness and the perfect amount each time, so say goodbye to cold, stale coffee and pouring surplus down the drain.

Fresh Espresso On The Go

The fresher your coffee, the better your results. FreSpresso™ arrives slick and solid to deliver fresh espresso on demand—quickly, efficiently, wherever you are. It lets you pull deliciously smooth shots that please even the most sophisticated aficionado, consistently and mess-free. 

Just Add Water

The FreSpresso™ gives you control and flexibility over your coffee preparation and the daily pleasure of enjoying a perfect shot of espresso at any time, anywhere. It’s simple to use and delivers excellent results with pre-ground coffees using a singular pump—just add hot water.

Compact and Lightweight

It weighs less than a pound! This compact press-to-brew solution packs up light at 0.8 lbs with solid construction and excellent extraction results that give it the edge—no extras needed. FreSpresso™ travels easy without sacrificing taste on hikes, rides, at camp, or the office.


Its innovative design provides ease of use and fantastic power shots of rich, bold espresso. FreSpresso™ is equipped with an ingenious core—a semi-automatic piston—for optimal extraction pressure. A few pushes deliver perfect espresso with generous and smooth crema.

Convenient and Innovative

All great things evolve over time, ergo the beautiful FreSpresso™. This handy press-to-brew makes it easy to tailor results to individual tastes and does not require compressed air, N2O cartridges, battery, or electricity—only espresso grounds, hot water, and pressure.

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